Behind My Username


Caution: Only read on if you’re ready for some real confusing thoughts.

Right, so let’s get straight to the point. I’m lost. The world is a huge place, with over 7 billion inhabitants. When I feel hopeless, it’s hard to stop myself from feeling incredibly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. These days, I often find myself feeling as though I never fit in anywhere. It’s not that I’m a misfit who doesn’t have friends, and it’s insanely hard to explain, so here are three examples: I’m neither an extrovert or an introvert, I don’t have panic attacks but I have anxiety issues, and recently, I feel as though I’m neither happy with life nor depressed. I’m just somewhere in the middle. I tell myself these are just labels, but I wish I could fit under one just so I can understand myself. So I guess this blog is a little like an open and online diary. Anyways, that’s just a little bit about myself and the story behind the username. Starting this blog, part of me hopes I’ll be able to connect with more people like me, so please comment and share 🙂