The Gift Of Life


I would be lying if I said I have never considered ending my life. Lying face down on my bed with tears rolling down my cheeks, it’s not hard to think about how it would feel to be able to end it all. But today, an Instagram photo that melted my heart gave me a whole new perspective on life.

Everyone has people or things they live for. For me, I LOVE The Vamps, a band from England. But that’s all for another day, another post. For almost two years now, I’ve watched the Sacconejolys, a daily vlogging channel almost every single day. Even when I feel like things cannot get any worse, I ALWAYS feel better after watching their videos, because their lives are filled with so much love and it’s impossible to not let their contagious smiles make me smile.

Today, their third child, a baby girl was born. Just from watching their vlogs, I know that things haven’t been easy for them either. In May, they had a miscarriage, and even then, they received a lot of negative comments, and it took a lot of courage for them to keep sharing their lives. Point is, life is a bitch. But if we keep fighting, at some point, we’re gonna be grateful for all the adversity we overcame. Notice I used the word ‘WE”. You are not alone. We are in it together, and although it might not feel like it will ever get better, we just have to hope that soon, the day we feel that surge of gratitude and happiness will come.

If this photo doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, I don’t know what will. Just for some context and extra tears, the tattoo on Jonathan’s hand represents the baby they lost, because he had nicknamed the baby squid just like he did with his other two children as babies.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.34.22 PM.png

Sending my love 🙂



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